I Was Going to Buy a Car But Bought a Piano Instead and I'm Terrified

The greatest things we do in life, that change us profoundly, also effect those around us in unparalleled ways. Those are often the most terrifying acts we ever do. They are the decisions that make our hearts race while setting our souls free. Once we leap, we realize that our ability to fly was always there, we just had to fucking jump and let ourselves actually fly to see it.

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About Life After My Assault Three Years Ago

No assault details are in this post. Some mention of types of abuse.

He couldn’t set me free. I had to do that. I had to set us both free. After several tries, I had to cut cords and say "no", no. matter. what. He still cant set me free and I still have to keep that door closed. And you know what, the fucking truth is that I've considered reopening that door a time or two. (“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” you all scream) Ya..well…I'm being fucking honest.

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Post Travel Depression Fog

I'm in the thickest of fogs, not quite sure when I entered and at this exact moment, collecting myself after losing my shit, totally lost in the middle of it. And yet..I'm still in the middle of it. I think the hard part may be that I have no idea where I am in relation to..ANYTHING! I'm just…sort of…here.

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I am a Badass, with Equal Parts Soft, Squishy and Vulnerable

The only way to be an honest to goodness, legit badass is to be equally as vulnerable and open about it.

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