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 Bellow Wing

Musician - Performer - Composer



An eloquent blend of


and relentless passion.

With words that will rip your heart

out, woven through melodies

to sew it back together.


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Bellow Wing is a performer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Classically trained on the piano, she has been performing for most of her life and almost exclusively solo for over a decade.

Bellow Wing’s accordion and piano based music, expertly weaves raw emotion with clever poetry that flows perfectly into her signature, meticulously-calculated melodies. Creating an entire musical experience that might just rip your heart out, and will ever so sweetly, sew it back together. With a vocal strength that has been compared to Florence Welch, Bellow Wing has a special way of unfolding another layer of grit and beauty through the use of her voice.

scream your heart out with your accordion strapped to your chest

Creating a poignant blend of Folk-Punk-Dark Cabaret with 80’s synth-pop influences, "She has that rare talent of reducing a song down to its most essential elements and making each of those elements radiant with inwardness. The way she plays with time and silence, where the music trembles on the edge of an inward oblivion are breathtaking to experience.” (Scot Casey - What’s Up Magazine, live show review).

Sometimes you have no idea how lovely you actually are until a picture like this pops up and you’re totally floored.

Sometimes you have no idea how lovely you actually are until a picture like this pops up and you’re totally floored.

Bellow Wing has a special way of taking her audience on a journey through all matters of the heart. Plunging into the depths of the dark places we often dare not look. Think about it like going on a walk-about with a dark Marry Poppins.

Weaving between her songs and expressivly spoken thoughts, Bellow Wing has been called a “Punk Rock Motivational Speaker”. With unashamed, raw emotional intensity and a sense of humor, she pulls the darkness out, dissects it so tenderly and makes friends with it. Leaving the audience spellbound with an open sense of emotional resolve, like the warmest embrace after a long, hard cry.

A little more Wing, a little less Bellow:

I lick the butter knife and listen to the same song on repeat for hours (usually EDM). I enjoy taking on new experiences that stretch me beyond what I think is possible.

I need to breathe and to explore. My spirit needs to fulfill it’s desires at the expense of looking and feeling crazy, foolish, silly, determined, focused happy and vulnerable.

I’m a lot of a goofball and have a deep appreciation and curiosity for the beautifully absurd and illogical chaos. You can peep that on my Instagram @bellow_wing

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