Bellow Wing Books of Song - Limited Edition

Bellow Wing Books of Song - Limited Edition


Sing and play along confidently to Bellow Wing’s heartfelt songs with your copy of these one-of-a-kind books of song. The songbooks contain a collection of Bellow Wing’s original songs, written between 2005 to 2017. The lyrics and chords were hand written on manuscript paper so the books have a very personal, journal sort of feel to them.

Each book is numbered (1-20) and has a different colored, shimmery cover with the Bellow Wing logo hand-embossed on the front. You’ll also get digital download codes for The Dust Never Settles and A Euphonious Murder included with your purchase.

Paper printed by Cyrby printing in Bellingham. Assembled and embossed by Bellow Wing herself.

Shipping is a $3 flat rate per order plus $3 per item

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